A freaky blogger, and an active blog-reader whose have a name often called with SICIL. I am 16 years old female. I love reading novels, and I drink tea. I just love the art. I love doodling random things that came from my mind. I am often chatty and simple minded, and the internet attracts me more nowadays.

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In this disclaimer, I wanted to welcome you in my blog and thanks for passing by or visiting by any chance in here. The rules are as usual, no spamming or stealing nor copycatting. You may take inspiration, but don't expect from me too much. I do by my own creativity and I used my brain. Plagiarism are a terrible language, so I suggested for you not to use plagiary words nor accents. Hope you noted it.



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  • Love Not Me, by John Wilbye
    Sabtu, 02 Oktober 2010 @ 14.48 | comment (0)

    Love not me for comely grace,

    For my pleasing eye or face,
    Nor for any outward part
    For these may fail or turn
    No, nor for a constant hear to ill Should thou and I sever.
    And love me still, but know not why
    Keep, therefore, a true woman's eye So hast thou the same reason still
    To dote upon me ever.