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  • J-Rocks
    Rabu, 09 Februari 2011 @ 19.29 | comment (0)

    My school invited J-Rocks last Sunday, to commemorate his 34 anniv day.
    The J-Rocks' personnel arrived in my school at 1 pm, Sunday afternoon, to hold "JUMPA FANS".

    I originally didn't intend to come, but Sist Rizky, my boyfriend's neighbour, asked me to accompany her in that event. Finally, I came.

    I wasn't loss!! J-rocks' drummer was very cool!! Kak Anton, love you 

    Basically, I was never fanatical about things like that.

      Moreover, I never knew who're their band's personnel. How poor --'

    The main event is on the night sunday. At 7 pm, I went to Semeru Stadium with Sist Rizky and my boyfriend. I make appointments with Hanum and Fifi to meet there. We watched the concert together, though eventually we were separated, because the rain that suddenly came.
    Finally, I went home at 11 pm. That night was a very beautiful night. 

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